Alan Pisarski is a writer and consultant in the fields of transportation research, policy and investment.  His continuing studies include the Commuting in America series conducted each decade since 1986; The Bottom Line, a statement of national investment requirements prepared for AASHTO for each of the last five reauthorizations; and as senior advisor on all of the nation’s major transportation surveys and data collection activities.

He is invited frequently to testify in both Houses of the Congress and in state legislatures regarding economic and demographic factors that define travel demand, infrastructure investment requirements and public policy. He has served the nation as advisor and author in each of the major national planning and policy activities since the inception of the US DOT, including National Transportation: Trends and Choices, the first national transportation planning document since the Gallatin report prepared for President Jefferson in 1808. His work has been reviewed and reported in all of the nation’s media and translated into at least 6 languages. At the state level, he has been invited to advise state Gubernatorial and Legislative Commissions regarding their economic, social, demographic and infrastructure circumstances. (Arizona, Washington, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Kansas, Ohio, Wisconsin, Texas, Georgia, Florida, Virginia, and Maryland.)

The TRB honored him with the Distinguished Lecture in 1999 and the WN Carey Award in 2007 for Lifetime Distinguished Service and Leadership in Transportation Research. The American Road and Transportation Builders named him among the top 100 in the field in the 20th Century. Detailed resume and articles, congressional testimony, speeches are accessible at​

Nancy McGuckin

Nancy McGuckin is a senior advisor and consultant to Federal, State, and local public agencies and private clients.  She conducts primary research, data mining, and insightful statistical analysis to interpret and forecast travel behavior, examine special populations and equity issues, and help develop robust performance measures on these and other policy initiatives. She is well-known for her work identifying technological, demographic, and cultural impacts on travel behavior, her rigorous data analysis, and her ability to communicate complex issues in a clear and concise manner.

Social, technological, and economic dynamics have all significantly affected travel rates—sometimes in surprising ways. Ms. McGuckin offers new insights gleaned from data mining the 40 years of NHTS, Census iPUMS, and ACS/Journey-to-Work data to develop a context for understanding the recent unprecedented shifts in travel.  For example, she has recently completed the NHTS 2017 Summary of Travel Trends and was a major contributor to the Transportation Statistics Annual Report.

As part of her efforts to reinforce evidence-based policies, she frequently develops and posts briefs and presentations on critical issues related to travel behavior, demographic trends, and other topics at:


Dr. Polzin is the Director of Mobility Policy Research at the Center for Urban Transportation Research at the University of South Florida.  His research interests span the spectrum of transportation policy with particular interest in understanding how emerging economic, demographic, technological, cultural, and other changes impact transportation. Much of his research concentrates on travel behavior, public transportation, travel data analysis, and transportation decision-making.

Dr. Polzin is an affiliated faculty member of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and teaches courses in transportation and land use and public transportation. His professional involvement includes participation on editorial boards, and service on several Transportation Research Board, Institute of Transportation Engineers and American Public Transportation Association Committees.  He has served for multiple terms on the Board of Directors of the Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority (HART, Tampa, Florida) and the Hillsborough County Metropolitan Planning Organization.

Dr. Polzin participates in numerous advisory board and policy review forums at the local state and national level and frequently works with media and decision-makers regarding emerging transportation issues. Before joining the University of South Florida in 1988, Dr. Polzin worked for transit agencies in Chicago (RTA), Cleveland (GCRTA), and Dallas (DART).  Dr. Polzin is a Civil Engineering with a BSCE from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Master’s and Ph.D. degrees from Northwestern University.​